About Us

Brian Baldwin, a distinguished assistant professor of science education at the esteemed NJ Center for Science, Technology, and Mathematics within Kean University, brings a remarkable blend of academic prowess and hands-on experience to the field of education. With a comprehensive educational background, Brian's journey as an educator has been enriched by his relentless pursuit of knowledge and expertise.

Brian holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Chemistry and a Master of Education in Secondary Education, both of which he earned with distinction from the prestigious Ohio University in Athens, OH. These formative years of study provided Brian with a strong foundation in both the principles of chemistry and the art of effective teaching, fueling his passion for science education.

Continuing on his path of academic excellence, Brian earned an Ed.D. in Science Education from the renowned Teachers College at Columbia University. This doctoral journey at Columbia empowered him with advanced research skills, theoretical insights, and the ability to critically analyze educational practices to drive positive change in the field of science education.

Before joining Kean University, Brian's academic journey took him to SUNY – Empire State College, where he served as an assistant professor of science and math education, making significant contributions to educational research and pedagogy. Additionally, he held the esteemed position of an Instructor at both Columbia University – Teachers College and Ohio University, where he honed his instructional expertise and mentored aspiring educators.

Brian's passion for nurturing young minds and fostering a love for science flourished during his time as a classroom teacher at a private K-12 school in Puerto Rico. His dedication to educational excellence further shone through as an instructor in a summer school program for gifted and talented math and science middle school students.

At Kean University, Brian's exceptional work and dedication to advancing science education were rewarded with a series of external grants totaling an impressive $2.3 Million from the New Jersey Department of Education. These grants supported the esteemed project titled "Kean Math and Science Partnership (KeanMSP)," allowing Brian to conduct groundbreaking research and provide professional development opportunities for local math and science teachers.

Beyond his role at Kean University, Brian's expertise is sought after by other universities and school districts alike. He regularly engages in consulting activities, offering valuable guidance on program evaluation, technology integration, and professional development strategies, reflecting his commitment to enhancing education on a broader scale.

In his personal life, Brian finds joy and fulfillment in the picturesque settings of suburban New Jersey and rural Pennsylvania, where he resides with his loving wife, Elizabeth Lucarelli Baldwin, and their three wonderful children: Abbey, Samantha, and Nicholas. As a dedicated family man, Brian's passion for education is deeply rooted in his belief that empowering future generations with knowledge and inspiration is a key catalyst for a brighter and more prosperous society.

With his extensive academic background and hands-on experience, Brian Baldwin stands as an exemplary educator and researcher in the field of science education. His unwavering commitment to transforming education, combined with his genuine love for teaching and learning, continues to inspire fellow educators, researchers, and thought leaders in their quest for excellence in education. As a valued member of the academic community, Brian's  journey serves as a testament to the power of knowledge, dedication, and innovation in shaping the future of education.