Science Education Research

What We Do

Our associates have vast expertise and experience in conducting scholarly research in science education. We have conducted literature reviews for sections of larger projects and reports, and have aided in qualitative and quantitative data collection and analysis for larger projects.

We have the expertise, knowledge of the current research literature, and practical know-how to aid in your organization's high-quality and innovative research project or curricular implementation. 

Much is known about best practices to teach science that results in the most and deepest student learning.  However, despite the best efforts of STEM education researchers, very little of this knowledge makes its way into the lexicon of practicing teachers or school-based curriculum developers.  Our firm specializes in STEM education within the K-16 classroom, with an emphasis on educating teachers in common techniques and practices that, with only a few modifications to current practice, much different student learning outcomes can occur. 

Utilizing our vast knowledge of the field of student learning in the STEM disciplines, we can work with your teachers to re-think many traditional classroom practices that do not align with new knowledge of student learning, and replace these practices with newer methods of instruction with an emphasis in deeper student knowledge and higher level thinking. 

We can conduct research in your school classrooms, based on teaching and learning models, classroom technology integration, or any other combination of methods that will enhance the classroom experience for STEM teachers and students.