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Doing Science at Home

posted May 11, 2015, 8:19 AM by Brian Baldwin
As we move into the era of being more self-sufficient as learners, technologists, teachers, businessfolk, doctors, etc., we need to be mindful of making sure that we are aware of the risks and pitfalls that could come with taking advantage of these advances. In particular, I want to focus on do-it-yourself science at home.

Doing science at home can be incredibly rewarding, but is often challenging and could be dangerous.  While I love doing experiments at home with my kids, parents and caregivers should make sure that we do not forget about what makes science science.  In other words, we can't forget that science is about asking questions, making a prediction, and designing an experiment that can test that prediction.  It doesn't have to be overly fancy, or even contain any math.  At younger ages, in fact, this is discouraged.  Just make sure that you allow your child to ask the questions, mix stuff together, and make a mess!

And have a great time doing it!

Enjoy this nice link to an evening science activity at an early elementary school: